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As the days become weeks and the weeks look to become months, the quarantine drags on with no end in sight. Never to be dissuaded, the DAP crew don their headphones, warm up their mics, and plug onward in spite of a world that is plagued as much by fear as anything. When duty calls, someone must answer, so we invite you to once again join us as we do just that.

On episode 10, we’re joined for the second-first time by the great and powerful Nick Sollecito of The Dear Hunter to talk about the new concept series from the band, The Indigo Child, as well as living life in a quarantined world, the symbiotic relationship of the rhythm section, an as-of-yet unrealized electro-funk project, his old metal band, binge-worthy TV shows and how to write a bad character, beer brewing, and much more.

We hope this episode finds you and yours in continued good health, and we look forward to sharing many more with you in the future, including conversations with Erez Bader, breakdowns of The Dear Hunter’s Acts IV and V, bonus content, and more that we’re excited to talk about soon.

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Be safe, be well, stay inside when possible. We’ll see you all next time.

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